Where to Start…

Believe it or not I’ve had this blog page for about 3 years now.  I originally created this blog because I wanted to talk about lifestyle and music, and because I thought blogging would be fun and potentially lucrative.  But when I created this space I didn’t know what I wanted to say.  My voice, as it were, wasn’t there yet.  For what it’s worth it still isn’t [hence why it’s taken all of this time to create my first post].

I kept coming back to this space over and over, hoping that at least one of those times would be the time I finally knew what I was going to say to you.  But alas, more time has passed and I still hadn’t found the words. That is, until today.

I’ll start with the obvious and move towards the slightly less, so I’ll ask that you bear with me as I navigate the thoughts in my head.  As for the obvious…let’s talk about this blog.

“The Road to 15 Min of Fame…”

My name is Devlin [Dev for short], and I’m a DJ.  I’ve been a dj as far as I can remember, but it’s only recently where I’ve started to feel comfortable saying that with a sense of ownership.  I have a day job, and like many people with day jobs I’m not satisfied with it, but I’m happy to be working because it keeps the lights on.  When I named this blog [a few months ago] I did so because I wanted to document my journey as a dj.  It was around Black Friday 2017, and a release that I contributed to for a local Seattle label had just been released on Beatport and hit the top 100 charts for Funky House.  Oh, I should’ve said this before, but I’m originally from Chicago-which is romantically remembered as the original birthplace of House Music.  When I first started djing in Chicago I dj’ed both Hip Hop and House Music.  In Chicago they were always played together along with a lot of other genres so naturally it was in my wheelhouse.  I moved to fully playing House Music in 2009.  The reasons why I’ll save for another day.

So the release that I participated in charted and stayed on the charts for 3 weeks, which was HUGE for me since I had never expected it to happen so fast.  I thought it was a sign of things to come, and I thought that the best way to capitalize on it was to document the journey from then to what I thought would be quick rise to fame then subsequent return to obscurity.  Well that journey turned out to be more of a puddle jump to the outer perimeter of the spotlight and then a quick return home.  So for now the journey has officially begun, but we’re stuck in horrific traffic and haven’t left the neighborhood yet.

“…so why start posting now?”

I’m going to answer this as simply as I can.  I just need to talk.  I don’t want to talk for the sake of talking, but I have a lot going on in my head that needs to get out.  Now, I don’t want to use this as therapy, but I need to talk to someone, and if you’re reading this right now…then you’re my someone.  So for what it’s worth…thank you for listening.

“What’s the blog going to be about?”

It’s going to be exactly what the title states.  If I make it to those 15 min or if I fall flat on my face I will tell my story to you.  I will tell you the good,  the bad, the joys and the fears.  We’re probably going to be besties when this is over because you’re going to know me and my truth maybe better than I will.  This process will be long and take many turns, and I will share them with you as often as I can.  I don’t know how this journey will end.  Hell, I don’t even know how this post will end, but it will be here for you to see.  Yeah…that’s what this will be.

Well…it looks like I got over the first post hurdle.  That went a lot better than expected.  I’ve got to go for now, but I’ll be talking to you soon.

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